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How does the Torus Station lower CO2 emissions?

Because it includes solar panels, the Torus Station 1R reduces your CO2 emissions by up to 90%—considerably more than the Torus Station 1. That said, both systems do have a positive impact on the planet. 

It Powers Your Home with Solar Energy 24/7

Most grid power is created by burning fossil fuels. At night, to meet increased electricity demand, some utility companies activate older coal-powered plants that release even more CO2 than their counterparts. By storing excess solar energy in its battery during the day, the Torus Station 1R provides a reservoir of clean power you can use even after the sun has set. By using renewable energy around the clock, you significantly reduce your home’s carbon footprint and avoid the grid when it’s at its dirtiest.

  • Torus Station 1R

It Helps You Use Power When Renewables Are Abundant

Through the Torus App, the Torus Station alerts you when you have an excess of renewable energy available and lets you know exactly how many household tasks—like running your dishwasher or charging your EV—you can perform before you start pulling from the grid. Performing energy-intensive tasks during peak sunlight hours, rather than at night when renewables aren’t abundant, lowers your carbon footprint.

  • Torus Station 1R

It Powers Your EV Using Only the Sun

While EVs are certainly better for the planet than traditional cars, the electricity they require is often produced by burning fossil fuels. With EV-Charging Mode, you can charge your vehicle using only the sun’s energy, boosting the positive impact of your vehicle and ensuring that your next commute is 100% emissions-free.

  • Torus Station 1R

It Stores the Greenest Grid Power

Some grid power actually comes from renewable sources like solar and wind farms. When it’s in Earth Mode, the Torus Station analyzes data from utility companies and fills up its battery when the grid is at its greenest, giving you a reserve to use later when power is more likely to be coming from fossil fuels.

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  • Torus Station 1R

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