Torus Flywheel

A New Spin on Energy Storage

The Torus Flywheel uses the power of mass and motion to store energy with greater efficiency, longevity, and performance. 

Torus Flywheel

Why Flywheels?

Almost all of the batteries we encounter in our day-to-day lives are chemical batteries, but there are plenty of other ways to store power. Compared to other common battery types, The Torus Flywheel offers unique, exciting benefits: 

  • Faster charging and discharging rates
  • Substantially longer lifespan (up to 3x)
  • Higher performance in hot and cold environments
  • Built with environmentally friendly materials
  • Extends life of a chemical battery 2x

How it works

Charge. Store. Deploy.

The Torus Flywheel uses electricity from the grid or a renewable energy source, like solar panels or wind turbines, to spin a heavy metal disc using its motor-generator, storing kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is later converted back into electricity for businesses and utility providers to use as the disc gradually slows down.

What's On The Inside?

Flywheel Rotor

Made of high-strength steel, the rotor is built to handle lots of inertia, thus improving the flywheel’s energy storage capacity and efficiency.


Bearings cut down on friction, allowing the flywheel to spin for longer with less energy loss.

Vacuum Chamber

The flywheel is encased in a vacuum chamber to decrease air resistance and minimize energy loss. A vacuum pump is used to maintain an optimal low-pressure environment.


A high-efficiency motor-generator charges the battery by converting electrical energy into kinetic energy. When it comes time to draw upon your stored power, it then converts that same kinetic energy back into electricity.

Power Electronics

Our robust electronics system manages the conversion of energy between the electrical system and the flywheel.

Put Torus to Work

The speed, reliability, and longevity of the Torus Flywheel make it a great fit for businesses looking to invest in energy storage. 

  • Avoid demand charges and lower power bill costs by easily capturing and storing large amounts of electricity when it’s at its cheapest.
  • Use the Torus Flywheel’s lightning-fast discharge rate to power energy-intensive operations with clean electricity.

EV Charging

Ahead of The Pack

The Torus Flywheel’s ability to charge and discharge energy at such fast rates makes it an excellent solution for EV charging. With Torus, you can top up your EV at record speeds using stored renewable energy. It’s a quicker, cleaner way to get where you need to go.


Greener Energy Storage

The Torus Flywheel ranks among the world’s most environmentally friendly batteries. It’s made with 95% recyclable materials and lasts up to three times longer than the average chemical battery, meaning fewer harmful byproducts and a whole lot less waste.

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Details & Specifications

Made From
95% Steel
Lifespan / Charge Cycles

25 Years / 50,000 Cycles

Effective Energy Storage
Energy Retention After 10 Years
Operating Temperatures
-20° to 140° F
Charging Speed (C-rate)
20-30 min
Potential Storage Capacity

1 day 32 kWh, 10 years 116,800 kWh, 25 years 292,000 kWh

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