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Save the World

Become your own renewable energy provider.

Meet Torus Station
How Torus Station Works
Renewable Power Generation
Generate power from the sun or other renewable energy sources.
Solar, Wind, Hydro
Power Storage
Store clean energy and use it to electrify your world. Keep essential appliances up and running during an outage.
Kinetic Battery Generator
Power Management and Orchestration
Torus makes living a renewables life easier by automatically shifting your electricity consumption under the sun.
Mobile App + Modes


Make the Grid Your Backup Plan

Move your home from fossil fuels to hybrid energy and reduce your reliance on the grid.

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Welcome to the Renewables Life

Store renewable energy to power whatever moves you. Control and customize your system from anywhere and save on your power bill, all while reducing your home’s carbon footprint.


A new revolution

Kinetic Battery Generator

Flywheel energy storage systems designed for residential homes. Store up to 56 hours of renewable power. Use at night or as a backup when there is an outage.


Power Management

Control What You Watt

Our Power Management System precisely tunes your electricity use to match the power you are generating for more efficient home energy consumption.



Maximize Your Clean Energy Usage

Relax, we'll do all the heavy shifting. Torus helps you live a renewables life by automatically shifting your electricity consumption under the sun. Predictive weather data helps you schedule power hungry appliances and EV charging.


power generation

Stick it Where the Sun Shines

Move from 100% fossil fuels to a hybrid or fully renewables powered home. Increase your grid independence while you reduce your power bill.


Save The Planet?
Save Money?

Do Both!

Watch your environmental impact grow while your power bill shrinks based on your daily, weekly, and yearly behaviors.


Take control over your power generation, storage, and electricity use to make sure your energy is working efficiently—and on your schedule.


Watch your power bill shrink while your environmental impact grows based on your daily, weekly, and yearly behaviors.


Expand renewable generation and storage as you electrify your home, car, furnace, water heaters and major appliances.

I Want To Save The World
I Want To Save Money


Decarbonize your home. Save the world. Save money.

Meet Torus Station

Home Energy Stations Made for Our Planet

Minimalist design. Powerful performance. You and our power station share a common goal – preserving the natural world for generations to come.


Turn your home into a hybrid. The automotive industry did it – your house can do it too.

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our origin

The evolution of Torus. From concept to reality.

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“Our motivation should not be fear, but hope.”

Sir David Attenborough

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