Our Year in Review: Growth, Innovation, and Lots of Exciting Partnerships

2023 was a big year for us! We partnered with other industry leaders, built a manufacturing center in our home state of Utah, and more.

Hey, all! Nate Walkingshaw, Co-founder and CEO of Torus, here.

2023 was a big year for us! From partnering with other industry leaders to building a manufacturing center in our home state of Utah, we made some serious progress toward our goal of empowering homeowners and communities around the country to become their own renewable energy providers. I’m so grateful to our team, customers, and supporters for helping us reach so many important milestones this year, and we can’t wait to accomplish even more in 2024. To close out the year, I wanted to run through what we’ve been up to over the last 12 months and forecast where we’re headed next…

We released the Torus Station to the public

I’m beyond proud of our team for this one. So much time, thought, and research went into developing the Torus Station, and in 2023, we finally released it to homeowners across Utah! We spent years developing the safest, smartest, and most efficient solar and battery system on the market. Seeing customers around the state lower their energy bills, become energy independent, and greatly reduce their carbon footprint with a Torus Station was deeply rewarding. We can’t wait to help even more folks switch to renewable energy independence in 2024. 

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We joined the Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Battery Program

This year, the Torus Station became one of the few batteries eligible for participation in Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Battery Program. Now, homeowners can receive up to a $6,000 upfront payment and benefit from ongoing bill credits when they purchase a Torus Station and enroll it in the program. Virtual Power Plants like the one Rocky Mountain Power is creating are the future of electricity. Through this partnership, we’re making the Torus Station far more affordable and positioning Torus to develop new energy infrastructure with existing large-scale utility companies—in 2024 and beyond. 

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We partnered with Vivint to bring Torus to more homeowners than ever before

Vivint has been a leader in home automation, security, and energy for years. By partnering with them, we’re making Torus’s innovative energy storage and management solutions available to existing Vivint customers throughout Utah. We’re excited to continue to grow this partnership in 2024, helping even more homeowners save on electricity bills, gain energy independence, and make a big difference for the planet. 

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We launched the Torus Community

As part of our new partnership with Rocky Mountain Power, we launched the Torus Community. This in-app experience shows the amazing impact Torus Station owners are making by participating in the Wattsmart Battery Program. With the Torus App, homeowners can now see the CO2 emissions that Torus customers as a whole are saving by sharing their green electricity with the grid. I’m really excited about this feature. Torus helps people make a difference at the individual level, but when we scale that impact across many homes and communities, we actually make energy greener, cheaper, and more reliable for everyone. Letting our customers see their collective impact is a powerful motivator to keep living the renewables life

We opened a new manufacturing center in our home state of Utah

We’re committed to keeping good, green jobs close to home whenever possible. By opening a brand-new manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, we’re laying a foundation that will bring innovation and opportunity to local communities around our state. We’re actively working to uplift our new South Salt Lake neighborhood by partnering with wonderful organizations already striving to provide residents with everything they need to thrive. By keeping manufacturing stateside, we’re also helping to promote energy independence for our state and country. 

We partnered with industry leaders to bring financing options to our customers

To make the Torus Station accessible to as many homeowners as possible, we partnered with leading banks and lenders like Sungage, Goodleap, and Banterra Bank to offer affordable financing options. Financing a Torus Station through one of our partners allows you to save money on utility bills, help the planet, and gain energy independence—all for just one low monthly payment.

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We brought a best-in-class EV charging feature to our customers

Trying to pick a favorite Torus Station feature is nearly impossible for me. But if there’s one I’m extra proud of in 2023, it’s Solar EV Charging. Here’s how it works: 

When you plug in your EV, the Torus App shows you how much energy from solar panels, battery storage, and the grid your system will use to power your vehicle based on how quickly you’d like to charge and how full you want your battery to be. With this integration, you can make the most out of every last renewable watt, but still top up quickly when you’re in a rush. The coolest part? With a Torus Station, you have all the information and control you need to power your vehicle using only renewable energy, making your next commute 100% cost and emissions-free.

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We created a buyer’s guide for homeowners looking to invest in a solar and battery system

Solar and battery systems offer significant financial and environmental benefits, but many homeowners aren’t yet aware of their upside. That’s why we created our free solar and battery buyer’s guide to help educate folks on the benefits of systems like the Torus Station. It contains helpful information on selecting the correct battery, navigating permitting, understanding pricing, and so much more.

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We were supported by the best team, customers, and community around

Everything we accomplished as a company this year comes down to the people who make Torus so amazing. To our team, clients, and community, I’m so grateful for your support. Thank you for everything—big or small—you did to make this year the biggest one yet for Torus. 

What’s on the horizon for next year?

I couldn’t be more excited about where we’re headed in 2024. Expect plenty of product and partnership announcements, lots of innovation, helpful educational content, and a continued commitment to helping homeowners live the renewables life. If you’re interested, you can follow us on any of these channels. We’d love to have you along for the ride!

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