The Torus Station

Create, store, manage, and sell your own renewable energy with the smartest home battery system around.

Change The Way You Power Your Life

We have a solution to match your unique energy needs and goals.

Lower Your Electricity Bill

Save up to 90% on monthly energy costs

Never Lose Power Again

Protect against outages with AI

Help The Planet

Shrink your home’s CO2 emissions by up to 90%

Create Your Own Energy

Power your home off-grid indefinitely

Torus Modes

Control how your home uses electricity based on your current needs and goals. From helping the planet to preventing outages, it's your power, your priorities. 

Day Mode

Use free solar energy or less expensive grid power during the day. 

Night Mode

Use stored solar energy or grid power after the sun goes down and costs rise.

Storm Mode

Automatically fill up your battery when there’s stormy weather ahead.

Backup Mode

Keep your lights on when the power goes out.

Benjamin Mode

Maximize your energy bill savings.

Earth Mode

Minimize your home’s CO2 emissions.

Solar EV Mode

Charge your vehicle using only the sun's energy.

Storage Mode

Powers your home without the grid using battery storage.

Juice Mode

Charges your battery to full capacity as quickly as possible using all available energy sources.

Pre-Cooling Mode

Integrates your smart thermostat and automatically cools your home during the day with excess solar energy or inexpensive grid electricity.

Away Mode

Automatically sells your excess solar power back to your utility provider when you’re out of town, and your home’s electricity needs are reduced.

Savings & Impact

See Your Savings & Impact

The Torus Station doesn’t just lower your power bill by up to 90%, it shows you your energy savings in real time. It also tracks your system’s CO2 reductions, so you can rest assured you’re making a real, measurable difference for our planet.

Build Better Energy Habits

The Torus App encourages you to use electricity when renewable energy is abundant and grid power is most affordable. Get notified when there's enough excess solar to run a large appliance, automatically charge your EV when rates are low, and more.

Customize Your Torus Modes

While most modes are automatic, some can be switched on or off in the Torus App. Take your home into Cabin Mode when solar is abundant, switch into Earth Mode when you want to make a difference, and more.  

See Your Usage

The Torus Powered Score quickly shows you where your home's power is coming from—solar, battery, or the grid. The higher your score, the greater your savings and environmental impact.

Plan Ahead

The Torus App's AI-powered energy forecast shows how much renewable energy your system will produce in the days to come, so you can align big tasks like EV charging with sunny weather. 

Care & Support

Your Torus Guide

Your Torus Guide will be your single point of contact for as long as you have your system, making sure your questions or issues are quickly addressed. 

Care & Support

Clean Energy You Can Count On

System Features

Torus Station 1

Battery Storage & Energy Management (Datasheet).

Cost Savings

Stores power from the grid when rates are low to use later in the day when prices rise.

CO2 Reduction

Charges your battery when grid power is most likely to be coming from renewable sources. 

Outage Protection

Automatically charges your battery to full capacity when your system detects severe weather ahead. Immediately switches to battery storage when the grid goes down.

Energy Independence

Powers your home off-grid for a limited time using battery storage.

Pricing & ROI

Lower upfront costs or monthly payment. Moderate monthly savings and long-term results.

Torus Station 1R

Renewable Energy, Battery Storage & Energy Management (Datasheet).

Cost Savings

Stores power from the grid when rates are low to use later in the day when prices rise. 
Replaces the electricity you pull from the grid with renewable energy from solar panels. 

CO2 Reduction

Charges your battery when grid power is most likely to be coming from renewable sources. 
Replaces fossil-fuel-generated electricity from the grid with clean power created by your solar panels.

Outage Protection

Automatically charge your battery to full capacity when your system detects a severe storm ahead. Immediately switch to battery storage when the grid goes down. Replenish your battery storage with solar energy and maintain power for multi-day outages.

Energy Independence

Keeps you off-grid indefinitely by running your home with solar energy during the day and storing excess power to use at night.

Solar EV Charging

Integrates your EV charger and powers your vehicle using only the sun’s energy. 

Pricing & ROI

Higher upfront cost or monthly payment. High monthly savings and long-term returns. Additional incentives available via VPP programs.


Knowledge is Power

Dive deep into the Torus Station, energy bill savings, AI-powered integrations, or whatever else piques your interest. We've got plenty of answers to your pressing questions. 

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