How to Find The Right Solar and Battery System

Finding the right setup for your needs can be a tricky undertaking. That’s why we created our buyer’s guide!

Simply put, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a solar and battery system. Whether you’re looking to save money on utility bills, reduce your carbon footprint, or become less dependent on the grid, these systems are a great way to achieve your energy goals. 

That said, finding the right setup for your needs can be a tricky undertaking. That’s why we created our buyer’s guide! In it, you’ll find helpful tips and easy-to-understand information on these key topics:

  • Why solar panels and home batteries are the perfect pair
  • How to find the right battery for you
  • How to tell if your home is a good fit for a solar and battery system
  • What you should know before buying a system
  • What to expect from permitting and installation
  • How much solar and battery systems cost

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What Are Solar & Battery Systems?

First, let’s tackle the basics: Solar and battery systems are, unsurprisingly, a combination of solar panels and battery storage. They can also include components to power your home off-grid and software that allows you to monitor and control your energy use through a mobile app, as is the case with the Torus Station. 

The sun generates enough energy to power our entire world. The problem is we only have access to its energy during daylight hours and sunny weather. Solar and battery systems solve this problem by creating renewable energy when it's available and storing any excess power for later use when the sun isn’t shining. Doing so enables homes and businesses to run on clean, renewable energy around the clock.

Why Are Solar & Battery Systems a Good Investment?

There are many reasons to invest in a solar and battery system. They’re good for the environment, great for your wallet, and excellent at protecting against power outages or grid disruptions. 

  1. Environmental Benefits - Solar and battery systems make it possible to power your life with renewable energy, significantly reducing your carbon footprint. They also boost the impact of cleaner alternatives like EVs and heat pumps by allowing you to run them with emissions-free electricity rather than grid electricity generated by fossil fuels.
  2. Financial Benefits - Energy costs are projected to rise for the foreseeable future. This means increasingly expensive monthly utility bills if you get your electricity from the grid. Solar and battery systems save you money by allowing you to run your home and EV with free, renewable energy, day or night. If you still rely on the grid for some of your power, they’re also great at helping you avoid costly demand and time-of-use charges.
  3. Outage Protection & Independence - Solar and battery systems allow you to power your home or business independently from the grid. If you live in an area with frequent brownouts or outages, this means far greater peace of mind. 

How Do I Find the System That's Right for Me?

Everyone’s energy needs are different, meaning there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to solar and battery systems.

  1. Calculate Your Energy Needs - Understanding your current electricity use is a great first step toward finding the right system. Reviewing your past utility bills is a good way to gauge how much electricity you usually consume every month.
  2. Decide if Your Home is a Good Fit - A lot goes into determining whether or not your property is right for a solar and battery system. Factors like the condition of your roof, membership in an HOA, and your home's positioning should all be considered.   
  3. Compare Different Systems - Once you understand your energy needs and have determined your property is a good fit, it’s time to start evaluating different systems. Understanding key concepts like battery capacity and depth of discharge can help you assess your options and find the one that’s right for you.
  4. Explore Permits & Incentives - Permit requirements and available incentives vary greatly depending on which state, city, and community you live in. Understanding which permits and incentives to apply for can significantly reduce the cost of your system and ensure that installation runs smoothly. This is such an important step that, at Torus, we have an entire team dedicated to navigating permitting and incentives for our customers.

We’re Here to Help!

There’s a lot that goes into picking a solar and battery system. Our buyer’s guide can help you confidently find the setup that’s exactly right for you and your lifestyle.

Download Now: A Complete Buyer’s Guide to Solar & Battery Systems