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Building A Brighter Future

Torus is a movement, dedicated to helping you harness and store clean, renewable energy. We’re something new, for the planet and for you.

Future Focussed

Torus for home and planet

Torus was founded on a deep-rooted care for future generations. 

Adapting our energy infrastructure to support the health and well-being of our planet is one of the great challenges of our time. At Torus, we firmly believe that a greener, more sustainable grid is possible, and we aim to put the power of change directly into your hands.

Energy is transformative. It powers innovation, powers our homes, and takes us where we need to go. It’s responsible for so much of the good we experience every day, and yet current infrastructures are overburdened, outdated, and pose significant environmental trade-offs. But together, we can greatly reduce these trade-offs. With our energy storage technology, the cost of ingenuity and connectivity becomes greatly lowered, and our planet does less of the heavy lifting. Think of Torus as a long-overdue system update—this is power for the future. 

While it’s important to understand how we got to where we are today, our outlook is fixed firmly on a horizon defined by cleaner infrastructure, more efficient renewables, and empowered individuals. At Torus, we’re charging toward a future where humans and our planet can flourish together.

Our Commitment

Putting You in Charge

Our mission is simple: we empower individuals and communities by giving them the ability to become their own renewable energy providers. The results are real: On average, Torus decarbonizes homes by 60-80% within the first three years of installation.

Our Commitment

Good jobs, better materials

The Torus Station is built domestically from environmentally friendly materials. Case in point: our flywheel is made from 95% recyclable materials and lasts, on average, three times longer than a traditional chemical battery. And, by locating our manufacturing teams stateside, we’re adding more green jobs to local economies across the country.

Our Commitment

Customer Care

At Torus, we know that everyone’s energy needs are different. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to renewables, and because of this, we place a great deal of importance on working with our customers to create a system that’s right for them. When you install a Torus Station, you gain access to a team of professionals committed to helping you plan for your energy needs, now and down the road.


Torus Impact

We are committed to reducing CO2 and decarbonizing homes and businesses in the most efficient way possible. Reducing our emissions is crucial for preserving the health of our planet, requiring a shift towards renewable energy sources and sustainable practices. We want to share what our customers have achieved in sustainability efforts so far during our beta period. 

Start Your Journey

Renewable Energy Storage and Management

Why Torus?

Installing a Torus Station offers plenty of benefits. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Save money on your electricity bills
  • Ensure energy security with backup power during outages
  • Reduce carbon emissions with renewables
  • Automate EV charging and HVAC systems with 100% renewables
  • Enjoy unrivaled system monitoring and support

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