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The Evolution of Torus

Stay at the Roots

Plants and trees have always been a major part of my life. My first job was at a garden center, where I was instantly drawn in by the peace and calmness. I could literally feel the interaction between me and living things.

After spending twenty years starting and building businesses, I migrated back to my roots when my family bought a tree farm. The first time I walked the property, that same sense of peace and calmness immediately rushed back. I felt the interaction between me and the trees and my restorative soul wanted to bring the farm back to the wonderful oasis it used to be.

Just Add Water

We grow seven different species of conifer trees, all from grandparent trees right on the property. There are thousands of trees at different stages of growth and they all face the same challenge—getting enough water. Water is such a valuable commodity here in the desert. Most nights, I don’t sleep, thinking about water.

When I bought the farm, I spent two years upgrading to a pressurized irrigation system. This way we could water deeply and less frequently to conserve water while still managing the nursery. Running the system is really complex and honestly, really expensive, so I started thinking about ways to reduce the costs. We run our sprinkler systems for hours, multiple times per week. When we do this, that water creates energy and I wondered if I could harness its power. I started looking into high pressure hydro turbines and installed a few DIY solutions. It was all a bit crude, but it worked. We could leverage Mother Nature's energy and turn it into clean reusable power.

Grow a New Experience

The next problem became energy storage. Existing batteries fell short of what we needed: durability across extreme weather temperatures and the elements. Chemical batteries also have a fairly short life before there are performance issues and the cost to replace them is not sustainable.

I wanted to build a better battery. And that’s how Torus was started. I love old innovations intertwined with modern technology. So, I designed a battery based on the kinetic energy of a flywheel, which has been around for thousands of years and paired it with modern technology to create a complete power management and power storage experience.

This resulted in two significant benefits—saving money running my farm, and living more sustainably. I was and still am on a learning journey. Torus wasn’t born from some entrepreneurial endeavor to tackle a macro trend of climate change. I just wanted to run my farm more efficiently. But it has opened my eyes to what’s possible when renewable energy storage is paired with the ability to monitor and manage power and the willingness to change consumption behavior to match. It is possible for all of us to get really close to being completely sustainable by living the electrified life.

I'm just a little tree farmer in Utah. But I know that what I do makes a difference, what we all do makes a difference. So I'm electrifying everything. Our farm, our cars, our home. I am using the lessons I’ve learned and seeking a better planet for my four kids and every generation after that.

-- Nate

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