The 6 Coolest Torus App Features

The Torus Station is a solar and battery system that allows you to create, store, manage, and even sell your own renewable energy at home.

The Torus Station is a solar and battery system that allows you to create, store, manage, and even sell your own renewable energy at home. There are many amazing things you can do with a Torus Station, and nearly all of them are controlled through the Torus App!

Key Points

  • The Torus App is super intuitive and easy to use.
  • With it, you can track your energy use, see your impact, and control your electricity consumption.
  • It offers tons of unique features and automations designed to save you money, increase efficiency, and help the planet.

The Torus App gives you the power to easily track and manage your energy consumption. If you prefer to be more hands-on, it offers tons of robust tools and controls. And, if you’d rather set it and forget it, the app will ensure your home is still using electricity as efficiently as possible. Basically, you can think of the Torus App as your super smart energy assistant: it protects you from power outages, tailors your home’s energy use based on weather forecasts, and so much more. Better yet? It does so right from the palm of your hand. 

There’s a lot to love about the Torus App, and it’s tough to pick favorites, but these six features are exciting, unique, and super useful to homeowners.

Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring is exactly what it sounds like—it lets you see how much electricity you’re using and where that power is coming from in real time. It’s a super helpful snapshot if you’re curious to know how your system is working at any given moment. Plus, the information is easy to understand and updates incredibly quickly. As soon as you plug in your EV or run a dishwasher cycle, you’ll see your usage change. Even better, you can examine your energy use over daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time increments, allowing you to truly understand your consumption habits.

Use it to: See real time data on how much energy you’re using and whether that energy is coming from solar panels, battery storage, or the grid. Better understand your electricity usage and habits. 

Impact Tracking

With Impact Tracking, you can see the financial and environmental benefits of your Torus Station in real time. Impact Tracking compares your home outfitted with a Torus Station to a comparably sized home powered by the grid. This comparison lets you see exactly how much money and CO2 you’re saving with Torus. And, if you own an EV, your app can also compare the cost savings and carbon reductions of your vehicle to a fossil fuel-powered car of a similar size. The amazing part? On average, homeowners lower their carbon footprint by hundreds of thousands of pounds of CO2 throughout their Torus Station’s lifetime. That’s a serious impact.

Use it to: Track real-time reductions to your carbon footprint and power bill. Help the planet in a significant way you can see for yourself.

Torus Score

Your Torus Score is a daily score between 1% and 100% that shows you what percentage of your home’s electricity is coming from renewables and battery storage instead of the utility grid. For instance, a Torus Score of 90% means that 90% of your energy usage came from either your solar panels or battery storage, and 10% came from the grid. The Torus Score is an excellent way to quickly see the impact of your station on any given day. The higher your score, the greater your savings and environmental impact!

Use it to: Quickly see how your system has performed on any given day.

Energy Forecasting

The Torus App uses AI learning to analyze weather data in your area and create rolling 3-day energy forecasts personalized to your system. These forecasts show you how much solar energy will be available in the days ahead and allow you to tailor your use accordingly. Plus, they’re updated every hour, meaning your system is always perfectly tuned to current conditions.

Use it to: Easily see how much solar energy you’ll produce in the next three days.


The Torus Station offers a number of exciting automations and integrations that are controlled through the Torus App. In the “Automate” section, you can control what power sources your EV charger is pulling from, allowing you to charge your vehicle using 100% free solar electricity. You can also integrate your smart home thermostat, allowing you to cool your home as efficiently as possible with renewable energy. 

Use it to: Control EV charging and smart thermostat integrations, making your home and car far more efficient and eco-friendly.

Torus Modes

Last but certainly not least, we have Torus Modes. Torus Modes are settings for your Torus Station that allow you to easily adjust how your system prioritizes different sources of electricity. They’re a powerful way to control how your home uses and stores energy with a push of a button. These are the current Torus Modes homeowners can take advantage of:

  • Storm Watch: With Storm Watch activated, your system will automatically charge your battery to maximum capacity as soon as it detects severe weather on the horizon. Doing so ensures you have maximum backup if there’s a grid outage.
  • Off Grid: Whether there’s an outage or not, Off Grid mode allows you to disconnect from the grid through the app and run your home using only solar and battery power.
  • Self Consume: Self Consume is your system’s default setting. It directs your system to use as much solar and battery power as possible before pulling electricity from the grid. Most of the time, Self Consume is the best way to maximize your savings and environmental impact.
  • Battery Priority: Battery Priority tells your system to charge your battery as quickly as possible using all available sources, including the grid, if necessary. This mode is super useful if you’re trying to top off your battery when solar panel production is low. The Torus App even includes a setting that, when enabled, automatically switches your system from Self Consume to Battery Priority every day from 11 am to 2 pm. Doing so allows you to charge your battery to full capacity when grid electricity is most likely at its cheapest and greenest. This is a great feature to activate during winter months or other periods of low sunlight and solar production. 

Use it to: Manage how your system prioritizes different energy sources. Proactively protect yourself against power outages. When you have to use the grid, ensure you’re pulling the cheapest, greenest energy available. 

The Takeaways

There’s a lot to love about the Torus App. It offers homeowners total control over their energy use but is also perfectly capable of maximizing efficiency and savings on its own. It’s smart, intuitive, and super easy to use. Plus, it’s packed with many unique features and automations not found elsewhere.

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