Understanding the Torus Powered Score

At Torus, we empower homeowners and communities to become their own renewable energy providers. How do we do it? It all starts with the Torus Powered Score.

Your Torus Powered Score is a snapshot of where your energy is coming from on any given day. It quickly shows you what percentage of your home’s electricity is being pulled from solar panels and battery storage instead of the utility grid. The higher your Torus Powered Score, the more renewable energy you’re using and the bigger your savings and environmental impact.

Key Points

  1. The Torus Powered Score is central to our entire approach. It helps determine the size of your Torus Station and shows how your system is performing after it’s been installed.
  2. The Torus Powered Score is a clear, easy indicator of how much electricity from the grid you're replacing with renewable energy from solar panels and battery storage.
  3. The higher your Torus Powered Score, the greater your savings and CO2 reductions.

How does the Torus Powered Score determine the size of my system?

Your Torus Powered Score comes into play even before your system is installed. The Torus Station includes everything you need to create, store, manage, and even sell your green electricity at home, making you far less reliant on the utility company for power. However, each homeowner's energy needs are different, meaning each home requires different levels of solar production and battery storage. When sizing a system, the Torus Powered Score is our north star. We want to replace as much grid power with renewable energy as possible without installing more solar panels and batteries than are necessary.

  • When sizing a system, we aim to get your Torus Powered Score as close to 100% as possible. We look at a year’s worth of power bills to gauge how much energy you use on average every month.
  • We then calculate the number of solar panels and batteries you would need to replace all of that electricity with renewable energy.
  • We use this calculation—as well as other factors like your budget, your home’s location, and any HOA requirements—to build a system that offsets as much of your grid consumption as possible.
  • The more energy from the grid that your system offsets with renewables, the greater your savings, the lower your CO2 emissions, and the higher your Torus Powered Score.

How do I use my Torus Powered Score once my system is installed?

Once your Torus Station is installed, the Torus Powered Score lets you easily see how your system is performing on any given day. To check it, navigate to the “Today” tab on the Torus App. Once there, your Torus Score will quickly show you what percentage of the electricity you’re using is coming from solar panels and battery storage and what percentage is coming from the grid. The higher your score, the more energy from the grid you’re replacing with renewable energy. 

Tracking your Torus Powered Score shows how your consumption habits affect your system’s effectiveness. For instance, performing energy-intensive tasks like EV charging when solar energy is abundant increases your Torus Powered Score. Trying to increase your score as often as possible is a great way to maximize your savings and help the planet. 

How can I maximize my Torus Powered Score?

Solar energy is abundant during the middle part of the day. Unfortunately, most electricity consumption occurs during the morning and evening when people are more likely to be at home, but solar energy isn’t as available. The Torus Station helps homeowners take advantage of the sun’s abundant energy—and maximize their Torus Powered Score—in two ways:

  1. Battery Storage: With solar panels and battery storage, you can capture free solar energy during the day and store the excess in your battery to use at night, lowering your reliance on the grid even when the sun isn’t shining.
  2. Shifting Usage: The Torus Station uses automations, integrations, and smart prompts to shift energy-intensive tasks like running your A/C or charging your EV to the middle of the day when solar energy is most abundant.

Get started on your Torus Station

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