The Torus Station: 24/7 Continuous Detection & Response

The Torus Station lowers your power bill and CO2 emissions in the safest, most efficient way possible.

If you’re a homeowner, there’s a lot to love about the Torus Station. Our super smart solar and battery system excels at shrinking power bills, lowering carbon emissions, protecting against power outages, and much more. Even better? It comes with Torus Continuous Detection & Response—an amazing built-in safety and monitoring feature designed to keep things running just as they should at all times. We know how important reliable electricity is. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to make the Torus Station as safe and dependable as possible. 

Key Points

  • Every Torus Station features Continuous Detection & Response (CDR) for maximum safety and performanceWe provide lifetime support to every Torus customer
  • We provide lifetime support to every Torus customer
  • The Torus Station meets the industry’s highest standards and certifications for safety

How does Torus Continuous Detection & Response (CDR) work?

When it comes to keeping your Torus Station running smoothly, we have you covered. Thanks to the Torus Station’s Continuous Detection and Response feature, we can track your system’s performance 24/7 in real time to ensure every component is working just as it should. Real-time monitoring allows us to keep your Torus Station operating at maximum efficiency without you lifting a finger. 

What are the benefits of Torus Continuous Detection & Response?

The Torus Station’s built-in monitoring features improve performance and safety, leading to greater savings and peace of mind.

  1. System Performance: Our software can quickly tell if any system component isn’t performing correctly, and our support team is automatically alerted when there’s a performance-related problem. This allows our team to resolve issues as soon as they arise. By quickly fixing dips in system performance, we help maximize both your savings and your positive environmental impact every single day.
  2. System Safety: The safety of our customers is our biggest priority. In the rare event that there’s an issue with a system, our support team is alerted immediately, allowing us to quickly remedy the situation well before it becomes a serious problem.

What other safety features does the Torus Station have?

The biggest safety concern with any solar and battery system is the risk of overheating. The Torus Station includes multiple safety features designed to automatically shut down the system well before it gets hot enough to become an issue. 

What happens if I experience an issue with my Torus Station?

We think of install day as the beginning—not the end—of our relationship with customers. When you purchase a Torus Station, we’ll be in your corner for as long as you have your system. In most cases, our support team is able to detect and fix issues before our customers even notice anything is wrong. However, if you discover a problem or have any questions about your Torus Station, you can always turn to us. No more confusion over who to call: we’re here to resolve any issues and help you make the most of your Torus Station for the long haul. 

Which Certifications does the Torus Station hold?

The Torus Station adheres to the industry’s highest standards for safety. The system currently holds the following certifications:

  • UL9540
  • UL1973
  • UN38.3
  • IEEE 1547
  • IEEE 2030.5
  • Hawaii Rule 14H
  • Rule 21 Phase I, II, III

The Takeaways

Just like any household appliance, issues can arise with solar and battery systems. The Torus Station’s built-in Continuous Detection & Response feature makes it one of the safest, most reliable options available. For homeowners, 24/7 real-time monitoring means greater peace of mind and better system performance.

Make the Grid Your Backup Plan

The Torus Station lowers your power bill, CO2 emissions, and reliance on the grid. Power your home your way with green, dependable energy.