Benefits of a Torus Station

So, you want solar and you’re wondering if you should also get a battery? Storing the renewable energy you make is a must! But there is so much more to the benefits of storing your power with a Torus Station.

With a Torus Station, not only are you producing free power but your system’s first priority is use and store free, renewable energy. With smart scheduling you can avoid costly time-of-use charges by setting your system to charge your batteries with solar or the cheapest grid power.

Energy forecasting

Torus automatically tailors your home's energy storage based on rolling three-day weather and energy forecasts. Energy costs from the grid can vary depending on temperature and extreme weather – and cloudy, rainy, and stormy days can limit your solar production. With Torus, you’ll get Smart Prompts to easily adjust your use accordingly, if you choose. Torus automatically updates its forecasts on an hourly basis, meaning your system is always prepared for what lies ahead.


When it detects a surplus of renewable energy, your Torus Station can automatically cool your home by 1-2 degrees below the temperature on your smart thermostat. Proactively cooling your home with renewables reduces the need to use your HVAC system at night when clean energy is less abundant.

Smart Prompts

Through Smart Prompts, the Torus App helps to boost the efficiency of your home’s appliances. Smart Prompts notify you when you have an excess of renewable energy and inform you how many loads of laundry or dishwasher cycles you can run before you start pulling from the grid.

Weekly Planning

The Torus App can carefully analyze your past energy usage to help you plan for the week ahead. Say, for instance, you work from home on Tuesdays but travel to the office on Wednesdays. Torus can anticipate that your vehicle will need to be charged before Wednesday’s commute and prompt you with the ideal time to do so (while also accounting for Tuesday’s mid-day load of laundry).

A Torus Station isn't just an energy storage device—it's a forward-thinking, intelligent assistant for your home. With its proactive energy management features, the Torus Station helps you take full advantage of your renewable energy.

It's not just about storing energy, but also about understanding and anticipating your needs. In a world where sustainable living is becoming increasingly important, having a tool like a Torus Station ensures you're not only harnessing the power of the sun but also using it in the most efficient way possible. 

Configure your Torus Station

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