Business Owners

Torus Commercial Solutions

Reduce costs, increase reliability, and run your operation with clean, renewable energy. Torus is good for business and better for the planet.

Commercial Solutions

A System Built for You

Torus Commercial Solutions are tailored to your individual business needs. Our powerful batteries—the Torus FESS and BESS—and robust fleet management software are modular, scalable, and easy to integrate with renewables. 

Battery Storage

The Torus Flywheel™ has an industry-leading 25-year lifespan.

Torus in Use

Commercial Applications

Peak Shaving

Reduce peak demand costs by deploying stored energy when your power needs are highest. 

Critical Load Protection

Keep your operation running with AI-powered outage protection and battery backup. 


Avoid time-of-use rates and lower peak demand charges. 

Commercial Solutions

Your Suite of Software Tools

From managing individual systems to building virtual power plants, Torus offers an array of software tools to improve operations and upgrade power. 

Monitoring & Support

Torus Commercial Guide

Get lifetime support when you install a Torus Commercial System

Lower Your Costs



Torus Commercial solutions lower peak demand and time time-of-use rates, greatly reducing your electricity costs. 

Torus station installation


Torus Commercial products qualify for state, federal, and utility incentives across the country, greatly reducing the initial cost of your system.



Torus battery products offer some of the most robust virtual power plant capabilities available, allowing you to sell energy back to the grid for cash or credit on your bill.