Energy Storage & Management

Smarter power for your business

Reduce costs, prevent outages, and boost efficiency with energy storage and management.

Torus Flywheel™

A kinetic battery that smooths grid frequency, protects sensitive equipment, and doubles the lifespan of its chemical battery counterparts.

Torus BESS

Our smart chemical battery built to function in tandem with the Torus Flywheel™. Stores and supplies a steady stream of power, even during outages.

Energy Management

Software solutions that track performance in real time, lower maintenance costs, maximize savings, and keep your energy supply secure.

Renewable Energy

Torus integrates with any source of renewable energy as well as the grid, helping you use electricity more efficiently no matter where it comes from.

Commercial Solutions

Torus is guaranteed to lower electricity costs by at least 30%

Commercial Solutions

What can Torus do for you?

Bill Reduction

Lower your peak demand rate and avoid time-of-use fees.

Backup Power with ROI

Protect against outages with a system that saves more than it costs.


Torus systems are the industry's most secure, helping you protect your facility's power supply.

CO2 Reduction

Save money and help the planet by powering your building with green energy.

Industry-Leading Support

Get a dedicated Torus support team for the entire lifespan of your system. 

Custom solutions for every application


Commercial Developers

Maximize the value of your next project by generating additional building revenue and attracting better tenants.


Data Centers

Reduce reliance on utility companies and protect your energy supply from cyber attacks.


Manufacturing Facilities

Avoid costly production delays with backup power that pays for itself. 


Distribution Facilities

Keep operations running even in the event of an outage and reduce your electricity costs.