Meet the Torus Station

Power your life with smart battery storage. Save money, save energy, save the Planet.

Smarter Power for Your Whole Home

The Torus Station doesn't just store energy, it manages how your entire home uses power, boosting your savings, protecting against outages, and increasing your impact.

Torus Modes

Tell your system how to prioritize your different energy goals—savings, CO2 reductions, battery storage—and stay prepared for any and all grid disruptions.

The Torus App

Track your impact and electricity use in real time, make more efficient choices, and change the way you think about energy.

Smart Home Integrations

Integrate your EV charger and smart thermostat with your Torus Station to power even more of your life with clean electricity.

Monitoring & Support

Rest assured your system is always working exactly as it should be, thanks to 24/7 monitoring and lifetime support.

Savings & Impact

Lower your home's power bill and CO2 emissions by up to 90%

Smart Energy

The Torus App

Think of the Torus App as your friendly energy assistant. It helps you build better energy habits and keeps your home operating at maximum efficiency—day or night.

Customer Care

Your Own Torus Guide

When you install a system, you're also assigned your very own Torus Guide. No more wondering who to contact if a question or issue arises down the line—your guide is just a phone call away.

Commercial Solutions

Reduce costs, protect critical loads, and run your operation on clean, renewable energy.

Critical Load Backup

Don't let outages impact your bottom line. Protect critical loads with backup power and keep your operation running regardless of the grid.

Demand Cost Savings

Lower your peak demand rate and avoid time-of-use fees by storing electricity when costs are low and deploying it when prices rise.

GHG Targets

Pair the Torus Station with any renewable energy source to power your operation with clean electricity and meet your GHG reduction targets.

Energy Management

Manage your entire energy fleet and control individual systems with our powerful software tools.