Become a Torus Partner

90-minute installations, best-in-class system monitoring, and unique energy-saving features make the Torus Station a great solar and battery option for everybody.

A System Built for Installers

The Torus Station makes installation, maintenance, and monitoring easy, freeing up more time to grow your business.

Upgrade Your Offering


VPP Enabled

The Torus Station offers robust VPP capabilities, allowing your customers to sell their excess power and see even greater incentives and savings.


Torus Modes

Torus Modes changes how the Torus Station manages a home's power based on your customer's current energy needs and goals. From protecting against outages to maximizing savings, there's a mode for every situation. 


Energy Orchestration

The Torus Station doesn’t just store energy like other systems, it manages how a home uses electricity and integrates with other appliances—like EV chargers and smart thermostats—to boost savings and efficiency.


The Torus App

Lightning-fast data reporting shows customers their savings, CO2 reductions, and electricity use in real time, while AI-powered recommendations help them build better energy habits.

System Benefits

The entire Torus Station can be installed in just 90 minutes.

System Monitoring

Only Roll a Truck When You Make Money

Torus’s Continuous Detection & Response (CDR) software offers industry-leading monitoring and control, letting you immediately resolve most customer issues remotely without rolling a truck.

Product Benefits

Sell to Your Past Customers

The Torus Station integrates with all existing solar installations, so you can easily help old customers add battery storage and energy management to their current systems.

We're Here to Help

Sales Tools

From selling points to system sizing tools, we provide the resources and information you need to successfully convert leads into Torus Station installations.

Ongoing Training

Our training program is quick, easy to follow, and designed to help you and your team hit the ground running. Plus, we're always here if you need a refresher. 

Dedicated Account Manager

Your Torus account manager will be your one point of contact for ordering, support, and any questions that may arise.

System Details

Torus Station Specs & Components

    • UL9540, UL1973, UN38.3, IEEE 1547, IEEE 2030.5, Hawaii Rule 14H, Rule 21 Phase I, II, III

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