Save $2,960 on Solar and Battery Storage

Make the switch with Torus by 5/31/24 and get 6kw of free solar panels (valued at $2,960). See if you qualify below.

Smarter power for your home.

For a limited time Torus is making the switch to solar and battery backup even easier with over $2,000 in additional savings. Reduce your energy usage and costs while adding battery backup for outage protection.

  • 6kW of FREE Solar Panels ($2,960+ value)
  • AI Powered Automation For Greater Energy Efficiency
  • Automatic Backup Power During A Grid Outage
  • Unrivaled system monitoring & support
  • Save Up To 90% On Monthly Energy Costs

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Smarter Power for Your Whole Home

The Torus Station doesn't just store energy, it manages how your entire home uses power, boosting your savings, protecting against outages, and increasing your impact.

Torus Modes

Tell your system how to prioritize your different energy goals—savings, CO2 reductions, battery storage—and stay prepared for any and all grid disruptions.

The Torus App

Track your impact and electricity use in real time, make more efficient choices, and change the way you think about energy.

Smart Home Integrations

Integrate your EV charger and smart thermostat with your Torus Station to power even more of your life with clean electricity.

Monitoring & Support

Rest assured your system is always working exactly as it should be, thanks to 24/7 monitoring and lifetime support.

Care & Support

Clean Energy You Can Count On

Customer Reviews

My Daily Offset Averages 95%

“My daily renewable offset has been as high as 97% and usually averages around 95%. It has been exciting to see how my Torus station has led to environmental and economic changes in my life."

Rachael, Salt Lake City, UT

The Mobile App is Truly Amazing

"The Torus system install was done professionally and cleanly. The system is working better than I could have imagined, with daily renewable energy offsets of close to 95%. The mobile app shows me what is happening at my home real time and is truly amazing!"

Trent, Provo, UT

You Do Care About Us!

"The installation process went extremely well — right from the get-go. We were just excited to have a committed team show up. You do care about us! We're grateful you've taught us a lot about what we can do to change habits that we didn't think about in the past."

Jerry & Laurie, Bountiful, UT