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We Won't Sell You a System Unless it Makes Sense

While a Torus Station is a fantastic addition to most homes, everyone’s energy needs are different. When building your quote, we carefully analyze your current electricity use and future plans so you can make an informed decision about your power.

  1. We’re Transparent About Pricing - It’s not uncommon for solar companies to overpromise and underdeliver. We take the opposite approach. We’ll present you with a conservative estimate of your monthly costs and savings with Torus. Most often, our customers see even greater returns than we model, leading to pleasant—rather than unhappy—surprises.
  2. We Offer Plenty of Upside - Many homeowners install a Torus Station, even if it means paying a little more a month in the end. Why? Because Torus offers way more than just financial savings. It protects you from outages using AI, lets you power your home off-grid, lowers your CO2 emissions by up to 90%, and much more.
  3. We’re Serious About Customer Support - With Torus, you’ll be assigned a designated Torus Guide for as long as you have your system. Your guide will be your single point of contact for any questions and all support, setting you up for success after your Torus Station is installed.

We’re in the business of helping folks power their lives with smarter, cleaner, more affordable energy. We won’t ever push you to purchase a system, and we’re always transparent about how the numbers pencil out. That’s a promise. 

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