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Torus Modes Walkthrough

The price of power from the grid, the availability of renewable energy, and your electricity usage all change throughout the day. Torus Modes ensure your Torus Station is always optimizing to meet your current needs and goals. It’s your power, your priorities.

How do Torus Modes Work?

Most Torus Modes are automatic, meaning your system switches them on and off depending on factors like electricity rates and inclement weather. However, there are some, like Storm Mode, that you can customize based on your preferences. Because your Torus Station is handling so many different tasks at once, it’s not uncommon for multiple modes to be switched on at the same time. For instance, Earth Mode and Benjamin Mode aren’t mutually exclusive. You can save money and reduce CO2 emissions too!

Day Mode

Day Mode automatically powers your home using the sun’s energy or less expensive grid electricity during the day, while automatically storing enough electricity in your battery to cover your needs at night when energy rates rise and solar power isn’t available. 

Night Mode

The cost of electricity rises when the sun sets almost everywhere. Night Mode runs your home using the stored energy your system banked earlier in the day rather than pulling from the grid when rates and CO2 emissions are at their highest. 

Storm Mode

In Storm Mode, your system analyzes NOAA weather data using AI. When it detects a severe storm on the horizon, it fills your battery to 100% as quickly as possible, giving you maximum backup power in case the grid goes down. 

Backup Mode

If there is an outage, your system instantaneously switches into Backup Mode and keeps your lights and appliances running using the electricity stored in your battery. 

Benjamin Mode

Benjamin Mode maximizes your power bill savings by only using free solar power or electricity from the grid when rates are at their lowest. 

Earth Mode

Earth Mode minimizes your home’s CO2 emissions by using only green energy from your solar panels or electricity from the grid that’s most likely to be coming from renewable sources.

Away Mode

When you’re out of town and your home is using less energy, Away Mode automatically sells your excess solar power back to your utility provider rather than storing it.

Storage Mode

Storage Mode lets you disconnect from the grid entirely and power your home using only solar energy and/or battery storage. With the Torus Station 1R, you can stay off-grid indefinitely by refilling your battery using your solar panels. 

Juice Mode

Juice Mode charges your battery as quickly as possible using all available energy sources.

Solar EV Mode

The Torus Station 1R integrates with your EV charger to unlock Solar EV Mode. With Solar EV Mode, you can charge your vehicle using only the sun’s energy, boosting your vehicle’s savings and environmental impact. 

Pre-Cooling Mode

Both the Torus Station 1 and the 1R integrate with Nest and ecobee smart thermostats to unlock Pre-Cooling Mode. With Pre-Cooling activated, your system will automatically cool your home by 1-2 degrees below what’s set on your thermostat when it detects low grid rates or excess solar energy. This reduces the need to use your HVAC system at night when prices rise and renewables are unavailable. 

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