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How does the Torus Station protect against outages?

Both the Torus Station 1 and the Torus Station 1R offer robust, AI-powered outage protection. Because it includes solar panels, the Torus Station 1R can power your home off-grid indefinitely making it a great option for areas prone to extended outages.

It Analyzes Weather Data to Anticipate Outages

The Torus Station scans forecasts and uses predictive weather data to identify when inclement conditions are on the horizon. When it detects stormy weather ahead, it switches into Storm Mode and charges your batteries to full capacity as quickly as possible, just in case there’s an outage.

  • Torus Station 1
  • Torus Station 1R

It Keeps Your Home Running on Stored Power

In the event of a power outage, the Torus Station switches into Backup Mode and automatically pulls electricity from its battery storage to keep lights on and appliances running. Through the Torus App, you’ll be able to see how many hours of stored power you have left based on your current usage, helping you conserve power for lengthier outages. 

  • Torus Station 1
  • Torus Station 1R

    It Protects Against Multi-Day Outages

    Because the Torus Station 1R can create and store renewable energy, it can power your home off-grid indefinitely. During the day, it runs necessary appliances using solar energy, while storing some electricity in the battery to use after the sun has set. With the Torus App, you can see exactly how much energy you’re using and storing, giving you the information you need to successfully navigate long-lasting outages. 

    • Torus Station 1R

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