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How does The Torus Station work?

Energy Management 101

The Torus Station manages your home’s energy by ensuring you’re using the right power at the right time. Not all electricity is created equal. Grid prices fluctuate throughout the day, as does the availability of renewable energy. A Torus system ensures you’re always using the cheapest, greenest power available. The system does this by automatically switching into different modes based on your current energy needs. Here are some examples of what that looks like:

  1. Day Mode - In most places, electricity costs less in the middle of the day when demand is low and more at night when prices rise. When it’s in Day Mode, the Torus Station powers your home with inexpensive grid power (or free renewable energy, if you have solar panels installed) while automatically storing enough energy to meet your needs at night when costs are higher. 
  2. Night Mode - When it’s in Night Mode, the Torus Station automatically powers your home using the inexpensive and/or renewable electricity it stored during the day so you don’t have to rely on the grid when prices are high.
  3. Storm Mode - The Torus Station uses AI to scan weather data from both NOAA and the micro weather station we install on your roof to analyze the conditions at your home. When it detects a serious storm on the horizon, it switches into Storm Mode, automatically charging your Torus Smart Battery to full capacity as quickly as possible and ensuring you have plenty of backup power if there’s an outage.
  4. Pre-Cooling Mode - The Torus Station integrates with your smart thermostat to cool your home more efficiently. During the day, when your Torus System detects cheap power or excess renewable energy, it switches into Pre-Cooling Mode and automatically cools your home by 1-2 degrees beyond the temperature set on your thermostat. This reduces the need to use your HVAC system at night when rates are higher.

By using different modes throughout the day, your Torus Station ensures you’re always storing and using electricity at the right time, helping you save money and save the planet.

The Torus Station 1R (Solar & Battery)

The Torus Station 1R begins powering your home with solar energy as soon as the sun rises. It offsets your electricity needs during daylight hours, but also stores renewable energy to use at night. If your solar production isn’t particularly strong on any given day, your system will pull additional power from the grid to use and store when rates are low. Because it can create and store renewable energy, the Torus Station 1R can keep your home running off-grid indefinitely, protecting you from even the most severe outages.

The Torus Station 1 (Battery Only)

The Torus Station 1 automatically stores electricity when utility rates are low and deploys that power when prices rise, saving you money on your bill. It also provides battery backup when the grid goes down, keeping you safe and comfortable in the event of an outage. 

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