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Torus Grand Opening

Torus celebrates Grand Opening of manufacturing facility with advanced technology demonstrations and community engagement

South Salt Lake, Utah

Torus, a leader in sustainable energy storage solutions, celebrated the grand opening of its new 44,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing facility at 855 West 2400 South. The event took place Thursday, May 16 and showcased Torus’ latest innovations in energy storage and management technology.

Attendees experienced the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which is the demonstration site for the company’s advanced machining and production technologies, breakthrough commercial solutions in flywheel and battery energy storage, the innovative Torus app for energy management, residential energy systems, and an EV charging station showcase. 

Highlights of the day included remarks from Utah Gov. Spencer Cox and South Salt Lake Mayor Cherie Wood. “This is an important milestone as we work to secure a more resilient future. The innovative solutions produced here strengthen our national energy independence and security,” said Gov. Cox. “Here in Utah, Torus is unleashing the spirit of American ingenuity and invention, positioning our state as a leader in sustainable energy.” 

Mayor Wood noted the collaboration between Torus and the city, including exploring options to include Torus stations across a number of city buildings. “With Torus establishing roots here, South Salt Lake cements its position as a community that values and invests in clean technology and sustainable industries,” said Mayor Wood. “We are proud to have Torus as an active and engaged member of our community.”

A special acknowledgment was given to the attendance of members from the Utah Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI). "Torus is a shining example of the strength and ingenuity of American manufacturing," said Dr. Tulinda Larsen, President, 47G UAMMI Institute. "Their commitment to producing vitally important energy solutions domestically is a testament to the skill and dedication of our local workforce and reinforces Utah's position as a leader in advanced manufacturing."

A symbolic tree planting ceremony underscored the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The trees were sourced from the family tree farm of Torus CEO and co-founder, Nate Walkingshaw. 

Today was about more than just celebrating our new facility; it was about sharing our vision to ensure individuals and communities can become their own energy providers…

“We are thrilled to open our doors and share the innovations that make Torus a pioneer in the energy sector,” Walkingshaw said. “Today was about more than just celebrating our new facility; it was about sharing our vision to ensure individuals and communities can become their own energy providers, strengthening community ties and marking our commitment to tech-powered energy solutions.”

"Torus proudly makes our products in Utah," added Walkingshaw. "By investing in manufacturing capabilities in the USA, Torus not only creates jobs, but also strengthens dependable supply chains across the nation. This is incredibly important to our mission as it increases the accessibility and affordability of renewable energy solutions for all."

 The event drew over 400 guests, including Torus employees, their families, industry leaders, and community members. It presented an opportunity for attendees to experience firsthand the impactful solutions Torus offers to both residential and commercial markets. 

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About Torus:
Torus is a Utah-based energy solutions company, focused on making renewable energy storage and management more efficient, affordable, and sustainable. Torus products and services include:

  • Virtual Power Plant: As a partner in Rocky Mountain Power's Wattsmart Battery program, Torus improves grid resilience by connecting energy resources with a virtual power plant (VPP) ecosystem. The Torus VPP supports predictive analytics for customer engagement in demand response, energy arbitrage, and frequency regulation. 
  • Energy Management: Engineered in Utah, Torus offers a sophisticated energy storage and management system. Torus Station integrates battery energy storage (BESS) systems seamlessly with third-party devices like inverters and EV chargers, offering comprehensive energy solutions across customer segments.
  • Unified Customer Experience: Torus provides a personalized energy management experience through a unified application. Torus connects to renewable energy sources and integrates with various energy products, creating a robust operating system for managing energy.
  • Energy Storage: The Torus Flywheel™ stands out with 95% recyclability, temperature resilience, and a 25-year lifespan. It supports both short and long-duration demand response, can power facilities directly or supply the grid, fostering sustainable community practices and enhancing grid durability. 

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