Storing power in a spinning wheel? Utah startup sells flywheels as a battery alternative

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah startup Torus disrupts the energy sector with innovative flywheel storage system, aiming for efficient power use and sustainability.

At Torus, we're always working to find innovative ways to generate, store, and use energy more efficiently. We're thrilled that our flywheel energy storage system, a concept pioneered by our founder and CEO Nate Walkingshaw, is proving to be a game-changing development in the energy sector.

Check out this feature in the Salt Lake Tribune highlighting Nate’s journey, sparked by a personal quest to find cost-effective, efficient solutions for pumping well water.

Our goal is to offset nearly all of our customers' power costs and CO2 emissions, making the switch to renewable energy a good financial decision and also a responsible environmental one.

Looking ahead, we see a future where flywheel energy storage plays a critical role in the fast-charging of electric vehicles and powering remote locations. As we continue to expand our reach and refine our products, we're committed to our vision of revolutionizing the way power is stored and used.