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How to Charge Your EV with Solar Energy

There are plenty of reasons to invest in an electric vehicle, from eliminating costly trips to the gas station to reducing your carbon footprint.


How to Find The Right Solar and Battery System

Finding the right setup for your needs can be a tricky undertaking. That’s why we created our buyer’s guide!

In The News

Governor Cox and Mayor Wood Visit the New Torus Salt Lake Building

Torus hosted Governor Spencer J. Cox and Mayor Cherie Wood at our brand new Torus Salt Lake building, showing off the bright future of renewable energy storage in Utah and Torus’ commitment to American manufacturing.


Benefits of a Torus Station

So, you want solar and you’re wondering if you should also get a battery? Storing the renewable energy you make is a must! But there is so much more to the benefits of storing your power with a Torus Station.


Why Energy Storage and Backup are Important

Combining your renewables with energy storage and management increases your impact and boosts your return on investment.


What is Torus?

Welcome to a greener tomorrow with Torus, an innovator leading the charge in home energy storage and management.


Torus Pioneering Long-Lasting Flywheel Energy Storage

KSL feature on Torus, highlighting long-lasting flywheel energy storage providing sustainable and reliable power for households.


Storing power in a spinning wheel? Utah startup sells flywheels as a battery alternative

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah startup Torus disrupts the energy sector with innovative flywheel storage system, aiming for efficient power use and sustainability.


Manufacturing Safety Award

Torus is honored with the Award of Safety Excellence by the Utah Manufacturer’s Association, recognizing our commitment to workplace safety and American manufacturing