A Greener Tomorrow

Leading the Charge in Home Energy Storage

With Torus, it's easy to achieve energy independence and a greener tomorrow.

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Meet the Torus Station

The Torus Station includes everything you need to generate clean power, efficiently store electricity, and easily manage your energy use.

Torus Station core mounted in gararge

Our approach

Why Torus?

Installing a Torus Station offers plenty of benefits. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Save money on your electricity bills
  • Ensure energy security with backup power during outages
  • Reduce carbon emissions with renewables
  • Automate EV charging and HVAC systems with 100% renewables
  • Enjoy unrivaled system monitoring and support
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The Torus App

The Power is in Your Hands

Think of the Torus App as your personalized energy assistant: Its helpful array of features and automations keeps your home operating at maximum efficiency—at all hours and in any weather conditions.

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See the Torus App in Action

Check out all the features of our Torus Station app. The Torus App uses innovative automations and thoughtful features to help homeowners manage their energy use, boost their savings, and care for the planet.

Torus customer testimonial

Customer Spotlight

Amy & Daniel's Story

Amy and Daniel are some of our very first customers, meaning they’ve been using Torus to save money and help the planet longer than just about anyone. They’re quite pleased with the results they’ve seen so far, and we think you will be too…
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Energy Storage

The Torus Flywheel™

A kinetic battery made from 95% recyclable materials, the Torus Flywheel is a revolutionary approach to energy storage. From faster charging and discharging rates to greater longevity, it’s a powerful battery built to meet the needs of business owners and utility providers.

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Torus Impact

We are committed to reducing CO2 and decarbonizing homes and businesses in the most efficient way possible. Reducing our emissions is crucial for preserving the health of our planet, requiring a shift towards renewable energy sources and sustainable practices.

We want to share what our customers have achieved in sustainability efforts so far during our beta period. 

Our Sustainability Efforts
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Energy That Saves

We believe in clean energy for a clear future. Sustainability sits at the heart of what we do, meaning we’re always innovating with Mother Nature in mind.

Our Sustainability Efforts

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